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Meet Our Team

At ClutterQuote, we're more than just a business—we're a team of passionate individuals dedicated to revolutionizing the junk removal industry. Each member of our team brings a unique set of skills and experiences that drive ClutterQuote towards our vision of a more integrated, efficient, and collaborative business landscape. Let's introduce you to two key players in our journey...

Joey Myers, Co-Founder & Marketing Maven

Joey Myers brings to ClutterQuote a wealth of experience in strategic marketing and a passion for innovation. With a keen eye for identifying opportunities for growth and a talent for developing forward-thinking solutions, Joey has been instrumental in shaping the vision and direction of ClutterQuote.

His commitment to excellence and drive for continuous improvement have been key factors in our efforts to simplify booking processes and boost job opportunities within the junk removal industry. Joey's leadership in fostering a culture of innovation ensures that ClutterQuote remains at the forefront of the industry, continuously exploring new ways to serve our community better.

Shawn Wolf, Co-Founder & Sales Genius

Shawn Wolf, alongside his role as a co-founder of ClutterQuote, stands as the sales force powerhouse behind our thriving platform. With an unmatched knack for understanding market dynamics and a persuasive communication style, Shawn has propelled ClutterQuote into the forefront of the junk removal industry. His strategic vision for sales not only drives our revenue growth but also strengthens our partnerships across the network. Shawn’s ability to identify and harness synergistic opportunities has led to innovative service offerings that set ClutterQuote apart. His commitment to sales excellence and his intuitive approach to customer needs have been instrumental in cultivating a loyal customer base and securing ClutterQuote’s position as a leader in creating a more efficient, interconnected business ecosystem.

Together, Joey and Shawn have combined their strengths to create ClutterQuote, a platform dedicated to enhancing the junk removal industry through innovative solutions and strategic collaborations. Their shared vision of a connected and efficient business ecosystem is the driving force behind ClutterQuote, inspiring our team to strive for excellence and make a lasting impact on the industry.

Our Vision at ClutterQuote

Imagine a world where junk removal companies work together like friends in a neighborhood, each one bringing something special to the table. At ClutterQuote, we dream of a future where these businesses don't just work by themselves but are part of a big, friendly community. We're on a mission to make this dream a reality by connecting companies that can help each other out, creating a network where everyone shares ideas, tools, and ways to get better.

Think of it like building a giant puzzle where each piece is a different company, and when connected, they create a beautiful picture of innovation, smooth operation, and growth.  Our goal is to not just grow these businesses individually but to nurture a space where they can flourish together, setting new benchmarks in the junk removal world with creativity, smart planning, and a strong sense of togetherness.


Our Mission at ClutterQuote

Here at ClutterQuote, our big goal is to change the game in how junk removal companies grow and work together. We look for businesses that fit perfectly with others, like pieces in a puzzle, bringing their own strengths and superpowers to create something even greater. By digging deep into what makes each company special and how they can match with others, we're building a family of businesses that support and uplift each other.

Our mission is all about teamwork - sharing what we know, combining our resources, and sparking new ideas so that everyone grows stronger and reaches higher together. We're not just about making deals; we're about creating lasting friendships and a community where every company can shine brighter, proving that when we join forces, we can tackle bigger challenges and make a real difference in our world. At ClutterQuote, we're not just imagining a better future for junk removal companies; we're making it happen, one connection at a time.


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